‘As Unique As You’?

Yes. Really. Each item is individually made and has it’s own unique personality.

A genuine LittleBatBlue?

A genuine LittleBatBlue item will either have our own unique label & (usually a heart) button sewn to it or, for smaller items such as earings, will have the label sewn to the accompanying bag. To see what our label looks like have a look at our About LittleBatBlue page here.

How do I create an account with you?

Either during Checkout by ensuring the little check box after you add your email is checked (you can uncheck it too) OR by going to the My Account page and registering (you add your address seperately there).

How do I log out of my account?

Go to your My Account page. You can log out there.

What payments do you accept?

Currently we use Paypal as our payment gateway.

But I want to use my credit/debit card!

That’s no problem. Paypal allows you to use most types of card as a guest without having to register an account with them. Just fill in the relevant details.

How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

Why!!! But it is easy. There is an an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

A Collectable NOT a toy?

Correct. Whilst we always attempt to make a plushie (or any of our items) to the highest standard using the best materials that comply with U.K. & E.U. regulations (safety eyes, stuffing etc.), what we sell are not toys and they are not sold as such.

They are COLLECTABLES and as such do have features that could be removed, such as bows, heart buttons etc., if someone was determined enough. And there is nothing more determined than a toddler or a small animal (or a large one for that matter).

Thus we cannot advise any item from LittleBatBlue being given to a child 5 years or under or to any animal (although this equates to roughly the same thing!)

If you choose to give one of our items to a child or an animal please be aware that it it your responsibility to ensure it is appropriate to do so.

How do you measure things?

We take measurements, i.e. L x W x H, in millimetres (mm) and weight in grams (g). All measurements are approximate due to what we make being squishy & cuddly!

Are they allergy friendly?

LittleBatBlue products are usually made from synthetic materials & occasionally wool or cotton. Outer & filling materials are ALWAYS listed in the product descption under the Additional Information tab. We always try and use hypo-allergenic findings (for earings and the like). If in doubt please feel free to contact us giving the SKU code via our Contact Us page here.

I can’t see my Gift Card in my email!

Try looking in your SPAM folder. It’s sometimes automatically moved there.

Do you take commissions?

Not usually. We simply don’t have the time (LittleBatBlue is only one creator!). But if you are really desperate you can enquire via the customer services email. But there is no guarentee. Sorry.

Does LittleBatBlue really talk to her creations?

Shhhh….. no-one is supposed to know!