LittleBatBlue hats

Thank you to everybody who came along to the stall at MCM Comic Con London this weekend.

And special thanks again to the wonderful missloutoyou for hosting some of LittleBatBlue’s creations.

We hope to have our newsletter subscription up and running soon.

In the mealtime follow us on your favourite social platform to keep up on the latest designs, events

and where LittleBatBlue will be setting up stall next!

Hello everyone! It was hoped that the new LittleBatBlue website would be up and ready for the first big show of the summer. Unfortunately, technical issues have meant things are running a little behind. (Apparently the clockwork mice which power the inter-thingy are getting tired and need to put their feet up whilst eating treacle sandwiches to revive).

So some nice slidey photos have been placed above for you to get an idea of the creations of LittleBatBlue. Below there is a more staid, but colourful & cuddly gallery!

So please bear with us. The online store will be happening eventually. In the meantime you can keep up to date with where LittleBatBlue will be setting up stall next by following on Instagram or Facebook (links to your left). Alternatively, you can drop LittleBatBlue (and the mice) a line by clicking the little envelope also to the left or your screen.

LittleBatBlue and the mice say ‘squeak’!

x {¤¤}


N.B Although you can’t really hear LittleBatBlue because, well, it’s a bat thing…


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